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Burn Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Hey, buddy, won’t you let us burn your house down?
Ain’t no trouble at all!
You ask, what’s the catch?
Well, we’ve got an itch to scratch
We just wanna scratch a match
Or two and make great fire balls!

All of our services are complimentary!
Please stop worrying, sir!
If you like heat
Our prices can’t be beat
Now then, which gas would you prefer?[Chorus]
We all have passions for a million things
And we got us a million one!
We feel like Jesus when we spread our wings
And we burn everybody else’s stuff for fun![Verse 2]
So hey, baby, won’t you let us burn your grandma
Give her somethin’ to do?
(You’re flat) (Shut up, your mother’s a whore!)
We gave your keys
To a swarm of giant bees
Hey, you know we aim to please
So how about one “Thank You?”
Hey, baby, won’t you let us drown your life coach
In our Biblical flood?
We just drove around
The childrens’ playground
Man, I ain’t never seen so much blood![Chorus]
Hey, I just dug up the corpse of Gerald Ford!
I’m not quite interested in why
C’mon, let’s hang him from a bungee cord
And teach the world how to fly-y-y![Verse 3]
I told you our services are complimentary
We like watchin’ stuff burn!
It’s free, don’tcha get it?
Ain’t no need for cash or credit!
Please enjoy your brand-new shiny burnt-down house in return!Hey, if we’re lucky then the wind might pick up
Spread that fire around
Won’t that be nice?
Like a baby in a vise
If the whole damn city burns down, down, down![Outro]
Dooby dooby doo dah burn your house down
Why not give us a call?
You don’t have to shout
We’re just tryin’ to help you out, bitch!
Ain’t no trouble at all!

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