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Ah Vah Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Ah Vah Lyrics.

Ah Vah Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every city, every street
Hear them march and stomp their feet
Look out – it’s asshole versus asshole

Movie houses, fast food joints
Smell the points and counterpoints
Flyin’ out of asshole versus asshole[Chorus]
Who can talk the loudest?
Who can type the biggest?
Which asshole smells sweetest today?
Scream in everybody’s ear
Trivialize your neighbor’s fear
You too can be an asshole versus asshole[Verse 3]
Sick and healthy, rich and poor
Boys and girls from shore to shore
Grow up with the dream of being an assholeFind your genie, make your wish
Duplicate more loaves and fish
Then shit ‘em out through asshole vs. asshole[Chorus]
Who has all the answers
Who can cure the cancers
Who can chase your problems away?It’s the bout of the century
And when you’re born, your ticket’s free
Front row center, asshole versus asshole[Verse 4]
Old man, lyin’ in a bed
Tumor growin’ in his head
Thinks, “I shoulda been a bigger asshole”
Maybe all the pain would cease
Maybe we might have world peace
If I’d just been a slightly bigger asshole[Chorus]
Who is here to save us all?
Who can stand the most feet tall?
Who can make life better with what they have to say?God loves us all, and all we do
Maybe God’s an asshole too
Asshole versus asshole versus asshole versus asshole versus asshole versus…

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