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Holding Onto Something Lyrics

[verse: residential.]
Mama told me: “act my age”
I got too much life, they say
Sick of all this shit feelin the same
Beamer drives, goin sideways
Couple ashtrays, fuck outta my way
Corvette 808s, fucked up on the interstate
Never been one to date
But for you i’ll sit here and wait
I’m gettin my feelings straight
Just for you to come and hate
This blunt gon’ beat my face
So probably best we go our seperate ways
Corvette 808s, fucked up on the interstate
Never been one to hatе
But for you i’ll sit here and wait
Get my feelings straight
Just for you to comе and hate
[verse: northshore]
When we fall out
I don’t wanna feel nothing
Snow only falls
When we’re holding onto something
Brings me home to get away
Wedding rings on saturday[??]

[verse: emptychest]
[?] when i drink too much
But the [?] came in clutch
Girl, go, [?]
[?] reaching for the sky
Remember why we all disguised
Remember why we adding time
For everything we might deserve [?][verse: torvamia]
Oh i can’t take it
I been smashing bottles and pictures
But won’t face shit
I stay jaded
200 miles up on the dash
I won’t make it
But i change for you so you fight for me
Its a cold dark world but you let me be
And i’ll hold you tight til our ending meets
When i fade our lights i will let you see
So you know its hard for me to let go
Baby i’ma fade away like i’m a ghost
If this is my end then show it with a toast
But you know it’s not my time so do the most
[verse: strivesad.]
[?] might stick around for another night
Late night drive waiting for the sunrise
I guess i’m never growing up again
Chillin’ out with Peter Pan
Find a [?] cus my mindsets gone bad
I feel myself going back
Double vision going viscious
My eyesights going black
I’m about to crash
Leave the toxicity in the past
Yeah, i want my life back
I want my rights back
Get myself back on track
I raise the white flag
I raise the white flag
Yeah you guessed i’m coming back[verse: casperrr]
We in the time of the year
It’s cold, it’s snow
[?] it fills
Time gets slow and stall
But my hand cover your ears
Cus its cold [?]
Come and stay inside with me
Cus i’m home alone
I’m home alone this christmas
I’m home alone this winter
I’m home alone this christmas
I’m home alone this winter
I’m feeling neglected
I’m feeling alone
I’m not eating healthy
I’m just skin and bone
Take me to [?]
Where i feel at home
Maybe take me to [?]
To see if daddy’s home
[verse: soulfade]
Times have changed
And i seen it all
The way that it goes
The way that i fold
You throw me with this
And throw me with that
Take all the balance
Burn all my needs
Bring me down, the weight is gone
So fucked up but then i go on
I can say it all, the feelings strong
Tearing me down with no reveal
No one wants to be like me
Holding onto something lost
Hollowness is all i feel
Leave me with the walls to die[verse: 1fern]
Few sun ups so cold
I don’t fuck with nobody i know
I [?] as i breathe out the smoke
Pull up the hood on my clothes
Stay in the shadows away from my foes
I ain’t got no party to hold
Grippin my pen as i’m taking a toke
Shawty look at me like she so bad
Can’t get distracted i’m chasing a bag
Can’t be content without catching my ass
Jump over they ass but none of them pass
Straight [?] on the road
Columbine put holes in his coat
Cool it down like its on a remote
If [?] my jewelers closed
Just [?]
Call it back to Resi
Go and get the ashtrays
Don’t wanna catch a fade
I’m tryna get paid
If you wanna stay
Take you back to my place[verse: noxiousnights]
Lately i’ve been filled up with rage
It’s crazy they all tell me i’ve changed
Baby love the man that i am
I know that i don’t need to care
I don’t force it
I don’t force shit
Since you tell me you love me
I don’t hate me
Fuck it if the hate me
I hate this life [?]
I would change it[verse: navyxower]
Christmas is the season together
I don’t give a shit about the way that you feeling
Is this, the way i was treated?
So hold onto something that you [?] for life
Questioning everything, and my time
Is wasted on the phone every night
If i could i meet everybody who’s listening
I would give you a gift for the season
I promise you [?]
As long as you dont waste my time
Am i gonna be alright?
As the snow falls down tonight[verse: shizukesa]
Fuck on their face
If they face it i’ll fuck with em fucking with us
Filling the blunt
Cracking a swisher
Been packed in a pocket and drugs in a [?]
Packed in [?] we fuckin it up
Poppin’ a pilly and i don’t know what
I see your porceline eyes looking up
Oh no
[?] in my home
Its fucking cold, couldn’t feel my bones
All this blood i bleed, got me here alone
Die slow, i don’t wanna go
Die last i said
Way fucking too much to digest
Every thought til i digress
I really hope i don’t die yet[verse: hoepless]
I could feel this [?] in my chest
Baby are you watching me
I know that you be stressed
I’ll be upset the day that i’m dead
Baby can you feel me
I’m that feeling in your head
I been faded as a bitch
Pullin over in the whip
Pullin over take a sip
I got the blood up on my lip
And i’m a sadboy still with all the gang shit
Glock up on my lap
I pull this pistol and your brain hit
I’m a sadboy
Baby pulling on my heart like i’m a child toy
You don’t know what you been thinking baby
I been doing alot of thinking baby
All the things that you do baby drive me crazy

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