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Parc Pass Lyrics

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Parc Pass Lyrics

Hard for me to ever feel somethin’
Down for this, but I’ll still drum it
Hard for me to ever feel somethin’
Down for this, but I’ll still drum it
Wave, look

The vibe is on somethin’ mystical
I don’t say this shit, my spirit do
Ain’t no tellin’ you what he might do
Write the songs, and he real, too
Trap jumpin’, it’s a rage-cage
Short-circuit in the mainframe
Bet I’ll be on in a minute, though (Ooh)
I! Just made me some centerfolds
I blew it all at the register (Gone)
Couldn’t live it twice if I wanted to
But I cherish this, I’m on my character
I’m a problem with thе predicate
See, back then, I was trappеd in with the pad and pen to make it happen
I was at risk, well, that’s past tense
Now they backs pinned, nigga, tap in
All of these goals when I’m placards
Couldn’t see me through the glasses
Took the code and I cracked this shit
Kick the dorm with the tactics
In the game, bitch, no practice
With the passport goin’ up on a foreign soil
Yeah, let ’em stamp it
Cut the song on they dancin’, bet I turn this into a mansion
Queen say she wanna fall through
She want me, let me work her magic (No cap)
Turn the beat into a classic (Facts)
‘Member I was out here reckless
Don’t ask me how I’m doin’, bitch, you know I’m fantastic!
Money on my mind, I don’t waste no time
I come from a sight where you might just lose your live
I maneuver light, tryna see the light
Aimin’ at the sky, wanna see how high we fly
Money on my mind
Money on my mind, yeah (I got that money on my mind)
Money on my mind (Yeah)
I got that money on mind
Yeah[Verse 2]
They hella random with the banter
I’m wide and hangin’ off the banister
How these labels? They don’t see how I run it
Yellow nigga got the stamina
The mediocre, they don’t float the boat
Hearin’ the wave, how we not runnin’ the coast?
How could they see me? I’m ghost
Why do I feel like I’m GOAT?
How I’m woke? I’m livin’ dreams
How I’m borin’? And I’m sporin’

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