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Totaled by Lyman Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Totaled by Lyman Lyrics.

Totaled by Lyman Lyrics

He was busy, I was back
Isolate the finished act
Leap so quick I cannot speak
Mellow sweat midsummers’ eve

You wake up quickly to the icy fog
Isolation is coming on till it pulls you apart
You wake up quickly to the icy fog
Isolation is coming on so quickly againSo quickly again
I live on the other end
Fold so quickly it’s not fair
Minnow eyes and severed ties, I watch them on TV
You intercept a message and now everyone can see
Your mind is like a compass if it pointed to the south
Where a very scary cassowary kicks you in the mouth, owGet knocked where spaceships come and goI was waiting for the rapture and the sun was shining bright
I will interrupt your service but I’ll get your channels right
To pacify the conscience you must hold on to a thread
Of which a million tiny fibers try to get inside your head(rest)You’re in the basement reading periodicals
Dad was right like the puff of the nightly cigaretteYou can see me once again, I can’t find
Lyman and his very scary cassowary eyes
Let’s not sink it till we find
(In the spirit of innovation)
All those machines that you flyI can’t see you in this light, all those machines that you fly
Passing away on the sly, passing away on the sly
I can’t see you in this light, all of your hopeful designs
But I cannot cut out your eyes, I cannot cut out your eyes (eyes)

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