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The Trane Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you The Trane Lyrics.

The Trane Lyrics

Subway is vacant and so is his stare
Conductor stops waving and smoke fills the air
Till he drops you off at the very last stop
Six cars a second, wind whips past your face
The wheels on the tracks fall right into their place
Till the pressure in your eardrums pops

Way out on the tracks sits a snaggle-toothed man with a regressive tax
He sits there especially for you
A pound for a pound or he won’t let you through
Hey, hey, here comes the trainI’d ride a thousand miles just to see you smile
I’d bite my tongue until my blood ran through the bathroom tiles
A river through the door until there was no more
I cannot breathe out so casually anymoreHey, hey, here comes the trainYou wonder what the fuck is going on
You wonder if these people are currently knowing god
You isolate the strain and put it through the centrifuge
Write up the lab report and dot the I’s and cross the Q’s
And the results sayHey, hey, something seems strange
Wait, wait, are you the train?Please take me to the bridge and remind me how to state the case
Hands tight, palms sweating as I approach the train that holds your face
Your train face coming back, all the time I watched you pull the reins

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