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‘Monster’ (Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3-Sings) [Vampiolence] Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ‘Monster’ (Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3-Sings) [Vampiolence] Lyrics.

‘Monster’ (Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3-Sings) [Vampiolence] Lyrics

Words are pounding in my head
An unearthed hunger for the blood she shed

Seeing the hatred in those eyes again
Thinks he owns me as I did back thenBut I won’t be his monster
MonsterYou can’t make me a monster
Not gon’ to be his monster
A-a-a-monsterHe’s the only monster
M-m-m-monster[VERSE 2]
I thought that you and I were fine
Mortal ponies living in our primeHow did he find me after all this time?
I’m so sorry that I’ve been so blindFeeling back the layers of my curse
With every wave, it’s feelin’ worse and worseBut I had to find a way to immerse
‘Cause this nightmare I can only reverseGotta be a monster
MonsterGuess I’ll be a monster
M-m-m-monsterI’ll be my own monster
Guess I’ll be a monster
M-m-m-monsterGotta be a…[Bridge]
I’ve got nothing left worth livin’ for
And you’re not prepared for what’s in store’Cuz, I’m now a monster
Yes, I’m now a monster
M-m-m-monsterSkewered by a monster
A monsterCan’t escape the monster
M-m-m-monsterVinyl’s now a monster

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