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Conversations With Trauma Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Conversations With Trauma Lyrics.

Conversations With Trauma Lyrics

Tears are words that heart can’t say
So I stay in dark with this song I play
My love is real but your love’s just fake
I’m sorry for all the mistakes that I made

Why can’t you be happy with what I do
It really feels like your love’s not true
The one that I love is only you
I gave you my heart and you broke it tooI’m trapped in my mind there’s only you
You’re the one person that I got tattooed
On my heart and on my brain too
You said you like me but that wasn’t true
Now I sit in my room and I’m all alone
That’s one verse you already know
So many songs that I wrote ’bout you
But it wasn’t helping ’cause I still miss youWhy can’t you just text mе it would make my day
Your biggest lie you told mе was that you will stay
You will stay forever but where are you now
You fell in love with another and I don’t know howI thought that we were meant to be but now you’re gone
I’m crying every night and hope the pain will stop
I don’t care how this ends I just want it to stop
And if I have to die I’m happy to be goneAll people singing this song realate how I feel
But nobodie’s listening so the pain stays real
I thought I can trust you but you took my soul
Now I’m sad and lonely ’cause you took my soulYou told you’ll take away the pain I suffered from
At least you switched my problems to be about love
Had to go on with life until my heart just stops
I’m asking if you know what makes me suicidalOne thing that really hurts is your hunting demon
He gets me down and down until I’m bleeding
Please dm me if you know that feeling
The thing thats poping up is almost just leaning
Conversations started with one simple hey
But every of your answers comes in with delay
One day it was to much you got to get away
Demons hunting even how much I prayThis whole song’s a message you need to read out
Almost my whole trauma is now getting out
Girl if you’ll find this song you know what it’s about
It is about love that turns into breakdowns

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