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Room Four Lyrics

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Room Four Lyrics

First time I stayed, a parade of acquaintances
Came to and fro like the breeze
Saying hello to myself and my ladyfriend
Friendly and free as you please

Not so much space but a good place for visiting
All of the people who came
Coats hanging off of the chairs they were sitting in
Steaming and wet from the cold and the rainWhen next I did lodge there I dodged all companionship
Hiding my head in the prose
Of a famously rosy and rascally novelist
Mustaches hung from his noseI guess that I wasn’t just testing my solitude
My purpose was calming my mind
The only companion with which I would rendezvous;
A dusty old volume the world left behindI don’t always want to partake in camaraderie
I don’t always want to retreat
Sometimes the tongue has a taste for cacophony
Sometimes the silence is sweetHere in Room Four is a door to duality
Inward and outward I see
Room for the vistas of quiet reflection and
Room for the people that let me be me
Room Four, I always want to come right back to you
Room Four, you always understand the things I do

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