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The Last Emperor – Animalistics Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you The Last Emperor – Animalistics Lyrics.

The Last Emperor – Animalistics Lyrics

As I sit back and reminisce
About the first time I read the Book of Genesis
And I realize that the creator
Gave man rule and domain over all animals
Everything that swimeth in the ocean
That flyeth in the sky
And that creepeth on land
Everything under my command
So withstand, reprimand
And I finally realize what many other people could never see
I realize that all of those animals were really me
The wild emcee!

[Verse 1: The Last Emperor]

Who’s that legendary man that captures rappers by the twos
Part man and part animal like the kind you find in zoos
Imagine being hunted and confronted by rival crews
The Emperor takes the form of any animal I choose
You don’t have the skill for this
Man destroys I’m rebuilding this
Watch me run through the industry like the wilderness
Return of the mic king
If I catch a wack rapper hiking
Not to my liking I stalk my prey before striking
There’s no time to be rational or diplomatic
I’d rather have it wild like National Geographic
When emcees set up stares and jungle traps
My humble raps become ferocious like jungle cats
With two fangs
Take the advice of Wu-Tang
Protect ya neck or you’ll get bicycle kicked like Liu Kang
I lie and wait as you violate all my jungle laws
I become a black panther with paws and razor-sharp claws
My cat form gives me the ability to pounce with the grace and the agility of a tiger they fire shots almost killing me
Three emcees run in different directions in sections
I transform into a cheetah I bet I could catch them in seconds
Now as a human my lyrics are the most pleasing
But in the form of a lion I aim straight for your throat region
There’s no reason for you to mention where my caves are
I posess the speed of a puma like Marshall BraveStarr
Word is born the emperor be the Don
Chasing rap crooks out of my jungle book like Shere Khan
Your days are numbered
Your rap styles are going under, stunned ya
Some rap clown tried to hunt me down like Kraven the Hunter
See around my way this is how we do intruders
Mankind can’t rhyme like the true Lion of Judah

[Verse 2: The Last Emperor]

Dip, dip dive I socialize with sharp knives
In the dark part of the jungle where Tarzan could not survive
I been on the trail of an emcee followed your scent
Secretly invade your camp and get all up in your tent
Invent rhymes out of the norm and transform into a cobra
Inject venom into your system now your rap career is ova
Told ya
I am the inventor who transforms like Perceptor
Made from the finest leaders on the Earth like Serpentor
You rap fakes besta slam on the brakes
‘cuz my style lies awake like a Diamondback snake
But wait one emcee saw me slithering
He let his tool click “Fire gunshot!”
Blowe!! he caught the mule kick
Straight to the dome I had to drop the disbeliever
And right before his eyes I took the form of a zebra
His hunting crew pulled out rifles of all types
So I politely took flight, shook off my black & white stripes
I’m still a horse, of course, but now a bronco
And when I charge things will always fall apart like Okonkwo
Come at me with the wrong flow
I swell heads like bells from the Gong Show
It’s Jamal that great gorilla from the Congo
But wait
Those other 2 emcees that think that they could rhyme great
With rhymes like these I swing through the trees just like a primate
From a vine I hung
One emcee ducked and I swung
He knew my arms were powerful like Mighty Joe Young
Now here’s a sidenote to add onto the session
Ask Roddy McDowall or maybe Charlton Heston
About the Emperor on wax, CDs and tapes
And he’ll say there’s no escape from the Planet of the Apes

[Verse 3: The Last Emperor]

From the jungles of Guyana to the outs of Nova Scotia
Who quotes the lyrics that are too fercious for poachers
The Last Emp
Who lyrically remains tax exempt
No lie I get you high like a good Indian batch of hemp
Yup, no rap job is too tough for me to tackle
I’m the Egyptian god Anubis, body of a man head of a jackal
Back to attack you
It’s the black jew
One stage I go into a rage like Minotaur and in my maze is where I trap you
See most emcees front the role like psychotics
I’m high-tech like robotics
Deep like under-sea aquatics
And I break the sorta mics that no man could ever repair
Let me dive into the ocean and catch rappers down there
Well, whatta ya know? it seems we have an intruder here
Searchin for buried treasure
Flippin’ rhymes in his scuba gear
((yo I know he bad))
And I’m hot like Atlanta
We about to do battle like Aquaman and Black Manta
I bring forth ancient spirits from the deep
To live to describe it’s just some stuff you gotta peep
I become a great black shark and my length is 20 feet
And to Davy Jones’ Locker is where I put that ass to sleep
The other diver he had a flow that was sort of identical
But now I’m an octopuss with 84-inch tentacles
As far as skills he doubted the Emperor’s
So I wrapped around his neck and then I crushed his vocal chords
The last emcee knew the deal
He decided to pull his steel
I think it’s time for him to feel
The shock of a black electric eel
For real!
I’m through rap notes filled with quotes
That brother swam to land like Captain Ahab
I crushed his boat
Then I became the worst animal of all
The Last Emperor of emcees a.k.a. Hassan Jamal
The all knowing
All powerful, time consuming
That’s when I realized the deadliest animal was human

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