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Fruit Loops Lyrics

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Fruit Loops Lyrics

I’d roll out of bed
The week end’s ahead
Eight hours of cartoons
Bugs, Popeye, and Scooby Doo
I’d get this feeling, oh, right about six A.M. (*Feed me, feed me…) (*Heh heh, Don’t panic.)
Got to the cupboard, and see my pal, Toucan Sam

So now I gotta eat Loops
Fruit Loops
Watch Sat’day morn’ cartoons
For brunch
Ten bowls of Captain Crunch
Sugar Smacks
Bring on the Apple Jacks
Fruit Loops
Everybody eat Fruit Loops(spoken:) Milky cereal baby! Sienfeld’s got nothin on my kitchen cabinet!You’re hittin’ the skids
You say Trix is for kids
Silly rabbit, I’ll get you into my arms
When I turn on my Lucky Charms
You say you’re too old; baby, I’ll show you the way
I’ll be your Sugar Bear, and you can be my special K!
Start your day! A-with a bowl-a some Loops
Fruit Loops
Kid tested, Mom approved
That’s how I get my Kix
Can’t beat Count Chocula
Fruit Loops
Everybody еat Fruit Loops
Pink Hearts
Orange Stars
Yellow Moons
Green Clovеrs
Blue Diamonds
Purple Horseshoes
Red Balloons
You want my Lucky shamrocks
I want that prize in your box
I’m your Honey Nut Cherrios…(* SFX- Shaking Box)
(* SFX- Opening Box)
(* SFX- Pouring Cereal)
(* SFX- Pouring Milk)
(* SFX- Spoon & Crunch)…Just follow your nose!Fruit Loops
Get a load of my two scoops
Just a kiss
Of Golden Crisp
Let’s name our first kid Quisp
Can’t get enough
Of that stuff
I’m KooKoo for Cocoa Puffs
Fruit LoopsFred ‘n Barney quibble over Fruity Pebbles
Frosted Flakes at eight, Tony says they’re great!
Never gonna stop, Snap-Crackle-Pop
Oh-so-yummy, everybody eat Fruit Loops!
Hey, Mikey really likes it!

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