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Thank You Love Lyrics

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Thank You Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Thank you love
You make me happy in so many ways
Through all my sweet and tender yesterdays
You were the sunshine I needed, love

[Verse 2]
Mmm, you were there (You were there)
You warmed my heart when troubled skies would come
You were my one and only faithful one (Faithful one)
I wanna really, really thank you love
[Verse 3]
Oh, I was lost (I was lost)
Somewhere along life’s road, I was lost
And on that lonesome road, our bridges crossed
You showed me the way to tender love (Tender love)[Verse 4]
Oh, it’s a miracle (Miracle)
Just like the sunshine makes a flower grow
That’s just the way you change my whole life so
Through the sunshine of your tender love[Verse 5]
Oh, I’ve been blessed
A precious thing this is that I possess
You fill this heart of mine with happiness
I wanna really, truly thank you love[Verse 6]
Oh, my darling, when I’m down (When I’m down)
You’ll gently squeeze these hands of mine
And I’m like a little child at Christmas time
‘Cause I could feel the nearness of your love[Verse 7]
Oh, my darling, thank you love (Thank you love, thank you love, thank you love)
With every breath I take I thank you love
With every new daybreak I thank you love
I thank you ’cause you gave me true love
Oh, my darling, thank you love

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