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Many Stuff Happens Lyrics

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Many Stuff Happens Lyrics


Daddy uh
**Wait Olivia**
Shut up
Shut up
**you stopped the fun**
Ok, ok ok, what do we call our band
**The Dilaurentis**
***No our band***
The Dills
**Drumroll please**
The Dills
*Drumroll please*
**The Dudes** (we’re The Dills)
The Dudes
Alright we’re The Dudes
We’re The Dudes, see we’re The Dudes
**Wait, we’re 4 Guys**
**Instead of 5 Guys we’re 4 Guys*
**4 Guys**
**1 Girl, 3 Guys 1 Girl**
She has balls
**She does have balls**
You’re a femboy
She’s a femboy
Alright I’m gonna get my stuff
I’m gonna get my stuff, uh
[The Vlog]Wait guys
Hold this, I want you guys to be vloggers
Actually Olivia hold this
Just don’t end the video
***Vloggers, wow***
*Wait, we gotta go, we gotta go, wait we gotta go on the beat*
**Turn around**
**1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4**
**Whoever said, whoever said that, Mari stop**
**How about instead of playing with just, yknow, just 4, how ’bout 6**
*Wait, hold up hold up*
I’m not getting stuff
What the fuck are you doing
Alright I’m guitar first I’m gonna get my stuff
*I’m drummer, I’m drummer first ok*
**Olivia, will you be the camera man**
**Alright, you Olivia are this drum, Mari stop for a second**
[Chandelier Part 1]**I wanna swing on the chandelier**
**On the chandelier**
*Olivia stop Olivia stop now*
**I wanna swing on your mom**
**Your mom**[We’re The Dudes, Send Us Your Nudes DEMO]**Yeah, hey guys we’re The Dudes**
**We’re called The Dudes**
**We want to send you some nudes**
**I want food**
**Alright guys, yeah**
**We’re The Dudes**
**Send me your nudes*
**I got all of your nudes now**
**I’m in a bad mood**
**Because you’re not a dude**
**You’re gonna send me your nude**[Chandelier Part 2]**I wanna swing on the chandelier**
**On the chandelier**
**And cut, cut, cut**
**And cut**
Ok I’m done
**We’re called The Dudes**
**Send me all your nudes**
Yeah **(peace out)**
[Call Me Daddy Part 1]*1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4* **(ok, I was singing I wanna swing on the chandelier)**
*a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4* (Oh yeah also)
Sing closer to the phone because it’ll work better **(yeah)**
**Yeah** (daddy)
**Yeah, call me daddy** (yes)
**I** (daddy)
**Wanna be on** (papi)
**The chandelier** (si papi)
*We are The Dudes, send me your nudes** (si papi)
**Yeah, call me daddy** (si papi)
**You’re such a fatty** *(owwWWw)*
(Si papi, fatty)
**Yeah call me daddy** ***(yeah lemme do somethin’ else)***
**Big D Daddy** *(ow my fingers hurt)*
**They call me Big D Daddy, peace out homies** (yeah)
*Wait wait*
*Ooh, free brooms*[That’s Wine]That’s wine
*It’s wine?*
*You said that’s wine?*
Yeah that’s wine
**Ooh, free wine** (yeah)
*I want wine* (fuck me)
**Ay wait, ay waiwaiwait, get that for me, get that for me**
Oh we gotta win some
**I wanna swing o-**
More wine, more wine, more wine
**Wait where’s the best broom**
**I need a new broom**
**Mari gimme the broom**
**Yeah**[1 2 Fuck You Part 1]Fuck you, fuck you
1 2 **(Mari come on)**
1 2 fuck you
**1 2 fuck you** *(me)*
1 2 fuck you **(yeah)**
1 2 fuck you **(yeah)**
1 2 fuck you **(yeah)**
1 2 fuck you *(yeah)*
1 2 fuck you **(yeah)**
1 2 fuck you
1 2 fuck you (you)
1 2 fuck you (n****)
*1 2 fuck you* **(hey, hey, wait)**
1 2 fuck you **(to everybody wait, to-)**
**Wait wait watch this, to everybody watching this you all get the n pass
There now millions of people get the n pass** (yeah)
*(1 2 fuck you)*
1 2 fuck you **(ooh free)**
**Ooh free wine**
***1 2 fuck you***
**Mine now**
*Shaka it’s mine*
It is, I promise you it’s wine *(you drink wine?)*
**It’s fermented grape juice**
*Drink wine*
**Ah** (uh)
**I’ve got a perfect microphone right here**
***Ian you think you can do something with your guitar*** (1 2 fuck you)
Yeah I can **(yeah, 1 2 fuck you)**
Alright, keep going[Your Mom’s A Whore/1 2 Fuck You Part 2]**You’re such a baddie**
**I’m so high**
**You’re mom’s a thot**
**She’s a whore**
**Knockin’ on my door**
**I’ma say it this one time** *(go)*
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
**1 2 fuck you**
***Alright, let’s start, 1 2 fuck you***[Kaleb/Rickroll]***What***
*Is someone looking at us?*
**We got Kaleb**
**We got Kaleb**
We need Kaleb over here
We need Kaleb over here
Ask if we can get Kaleb
Fermented dick water
Fermented dick water
Why is that rotated like that
Kaleb daddy
**We got him, we got him, come here** (yeah)
***What’s happening***
**Your mom**
Something epic
**We’re called The Dudes*
*Don’t cussing please*
***I don’t know why you’re dragging me back here, I’ve gotta go home***
Ok go home now
***Don’t know why you dragged me there***
I was gonna Rickroll him, fuck, fuck, fuck
I’m gonna Rickroll him, I’m gonna Rickroll him, I’m gonna do it
**Rickroll who, Kaleb?**
*Kaleb, wait come here*
**Right now**
*For one second*
**We gotta play you 1 song**
Oh my god
*1 song*
Alright, alright
***Not now***
*No please, wait*
*Kaleb not for long please*
***Man, I gotta get home***
*Excuse me, it’s short, it’s a short song* ***(you go hurry)***
*You will love it, come here it’s short, wait, come here
*Yeah, ay man, get rickrolled on guitar, electric*
**Waiwaiwaiwaiwaiwait, we gotta turn it down**
**Daddy, uh**
**What happened, what happened, what ha-**
**Now shred**
**Oh yeah**
**Go Pretzel**[Call Me Daddy Part 2]**Yeah**
**Call me daddy**
Call me **(call me daddy)**
Daddy **(daddy)**
Call me **(call me daddy)**
Call me **(call me daddy)**
Call me **(call me daddy)**
Call me **(call me daddy)**
Call me
Call me, call me **(yeah)**
My dick was cut off by an incinerator
I need a dick generator, because I need to make my dick bigger
Cuz’ it got cut off, my dick got cut off by an incinerator
*Oh yeah, daddy please*
*Daddy, yeah, daddy*
Hold the camera, hold the camera, hold the camera
Hold the camera, hold the camera to Olivia
Cum, Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you **(bitch)**
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck, you
**Ay ay ayyyy**
**Girl I’m gay, yeah** (get the stick, get the broom)[Outro]*Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut*
*What the f- was that Shaka*
**It was music, ok**
*Ok it was good*
**It was music, if you got a problem with it you can leave**
*I said it was good*
Half the time this fuckin’ falls apart
*Alright alright, a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3, 4* **(wait, can I use those now)**
Wait wait wait, cut- cut- cut it

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