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L.I.A.R. Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you L.I.A.R. Lyrics.

L.I.A.R. Lyrics

Another night of pain in the alley
Sirens carry more to the morgue
I hear a mother’s wailing
Cracked roads failing
A streetlight flickers
And fades to a dot

I’m a scrap of rags clinging to life
The trash that the rats ignore
Yet my small hands hang on
Still pray to the same god –
Statues of men
Who let it all rot
The suit wants to find a solution
The statesman will give it a shot
The priest declares his contribution
“Won’t that clear the air?”But false prayers and thoughts
Are all that they’ve got
In secret they whisper:
“Let it all rot”Anothеr day of no rain in the valley
Towers bеar down on my picket line
I scream for answers
To the slow-spreading cancer
A sickness
The wicked forgotThey say that they’ll fix their institution
They claim that they care a lot
They even promise they’ll buy me absolution
“Won’t that clear the air?”
“Won’t that clear?”
“Clear?”Liars and deceivers
I try to believe
I could make them stop
But my drive is displaced
By the lies that I face
Now all I say is:
“Let it all rot!”Liars, deceivers
I still don’t believe it

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