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[Intro: TEKA$H!69]
Scum Gang!
Boy, fuck you thought? My squad go crazy
Try and put us in cages, can’t contain us
My block go crazy, my block go crazy
6ix9ine the squad, and that’s on my mom
Man, that’s on my baby
6ix9ine the squad, man, that’s on my mom
Man, that’s on my baby (Squad!)

[Verse 1: TEKA$H!69]
Pop out on these silly niggas
Pop up, like a wheelie nigga
Line up, it’s fifty niggas
When we line up, we gon’ kill them niggas
Split your face like a Philly, nigga
Real shit, I ain’t feelin’ niggas
Hustle all, no-chill a nigga
Off the leash, like “get them niggas”
Wish a nigga would try to run up on me
Wish a nigga would try run up on Kahee
Wish a nigga would try run up on Squamane
Stop it, keep a .380 in my pocket, cock it
[Verse 2: Daze]
Y’all know Tekashi but my name is Daze
I do no talking, I just let it spray
We’re the real niggas, y’all niggas frauds
Bustin’ off, no talk nigga
Wish a nigga run up on ‘Kashi
Put the 380 to his noggin, pop him, drop him
Moe grab your drink, we gon’ pour the shit up
Cranberry Sprite might fuck with the crunch
‘Cause Daze gettin’ high and be counting these bucks
You broke niggas need to shut the fuck up
With your broke ass, get your luck up
With your broke ass, get your luck up[Verse 3: TEKA$H!69 & Daze]
Boy fuck you thought? Nigga my hands don’t talk
Nigga my bite don’t bark
Fuck you thought? Nigga you ain’t no star
You slide up, get lock-jawed
I paid for the Glock, I came to the block
Gunshot, gunshot, one time, one time
I paid for the rocks, I stuffed to the socks
One sale, one sale, top notch, top notch
I run up on nigga, go ape on a nigga
No face, no case, no trace on a nigga
Black switchblade to the face of a nigga
Never ever will I catch a fade from a nigga
[Outro: TEKA$H!69]
TEKA$HI69 from that SCUM fucking squad
Fuck your bitch and fuck the law
Ride my squad, fuck ’em all, squad

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