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You had to die for me to step up
Steady checking my own moves, getting my stack up
Don’t even care now about what we lack of
Enter the spaceship back we boutta blast off
Last year was mad crazy, nearly lost me
Nose down to the ground, can’t hit no pause G
Pay them bills, don’t matter what the cost, B
Crash landing, I was stuck right in the cock pit
Pay no mind about no foreign
Lost in my thoughts and the music, we exploring
Day and night, we recording, events and emotions
Focus on the now put the past in the motion
Life is like a movie scene, every win was a dream
Success is the theme, airplane mode with the team
Life in colors, paint it green, **** a box, let me breathe
She’s still asking are we feeling okay
Tell her that I need a minute then I’ll be on my way
Lost in the ocean alone and I’m feeling the wave
Baby it’s aight at times if you can’t breathe in the chase
I feel it in my bone now, I just can’t say them
Still dazed and confused, never been the same man
Asking God for the way, but sometimes I’m like okay, when?
Staring at the stars, forward till the day end

Done the scene now
I’m in the scene, how?
Hard work and we dream loud
Done with schemes, I just wanna be now
All about the mastery, then I’m out peace out
Put me in the center, under the limelight
I got a dead watch but I know the time’s right
I cut my own BS, so I can just see mine
Spaced out, hear my mind, ya’ll can just rewind
This the moment of the truth
We continue breathing even on days when we lose
They said money is the root of all problems
But really, it’s you being rude that’s the problem
To every single plot that’s been missing
Eyes on the throne in a minute
Seen the ring made u wanna kiss it
Life happens for you so you don’t wanna miss it
It’s not a competition but i wanna keep winning
I’ve seen this coming
I’ve learned the difference
If I choose to do this or if I wouldn’t
I’m trynna feel you coz I can’t feel meHow u scared of crashing from the heights?
Nah, you wouldn’t die
When I look at you and the pain behind those ocean eyes
I know you love the lifeIt might have failed you
But we’re through, we’re good
Now you’re fine
You’ll lose some but not this time

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