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Garfield vs Hello Kitty Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Garfield vs Hello Kitty Lyrics.

Garfield vs Hello Kitty Lyrics

Hello, Kitty
Hah, get it?
Messin’ with the best tabby, you’re gonna regret it
You think you’re gonna win with some blinding kindness
But with disses I’m the king, just call me your highness
Are you Monday? Cause I hate you a lot
You should be dragged out into the street and shot
I could be watching TV or catching some Z’s
Who needs you when we’ve got Alrene?
Sure you’re showing up on cheap little pins and tees, but Bill Murray and me have killed the silver screen
I’m bringing laughter to Saturday mornings around the world
You’re a disaster only masking the wrath of е-girls
[Hello Kitty]
Excuse me, sir
That wasn’t very politе
I don’t need to drop nice when I’m rockin’ the mic
Representing Sanrio, an international icon
‘A Tail Of Two Kitties’, not a great hill to die on
Was that too far?
Was it a good burn?
This is so much fun, I have so much to learn
Okay let’s go again, you’re always so grumpy I-

Oh, my bad
Were you still makin’ noise?
Honestly I didn’t think you even had a voice
Give it up already, I’m running the show
You’re only known for a basic red bow
You think your Sanrio friends hold a match to my crew?
I know dogs that would chew you up so you better shoo
I’m the big boss cat, and I can’t be beat
What, no response? Well isn’t that sweet?[Hello Kitty]
Garfield, you’re so fucking fat
I wanna break your face with a baseball bat
I’m gonna wait until your stupid ass goes to sleep
Then I’m coming over with a can of gasoline
Burn, motherfucker
Burn, motherfucker
Put your fucking ashes in an urn motherfucker
Burn, motherfucker
Burn, motherfucker
Burn, motherfucker
Never interrupt my fuckin’ turn motherfucker
Tell Jon
To suck a fucking dick
Tell Jon
That he’s a fucking prick
I’m gonna poison Odie
I’m gonna murder Nermal
I’m gonna choke you out until your face is fucking purple
Let’s make sure that your life gets grim
Can’t land on all fours when you got no limbs
Oh, lasagna is your favourite main course?
Mine is your motherfucking lifeless corpse

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