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Shots Fired Lyrics

[Intro: Swisha T]

[Verse 1: Swisha T]
I got hella people tryna pay me homage
All the shit I wanted I can finally cop it
All these pocket watches, man, you need to stop it
Get out of my comments ‘fore I crush you with my fuckin’ wallet
Stop actin’ like you know me
You ain’t seen me in a couple years and we not even homies
I’m the greatest like I’m bishin’, y’all are boring
Got you bitch all in my DM, damn, that ho be so annoyin’, yeah
Shawty be takin’, shawty be gassin’
All on the cake, she tryna get smashin’
Go to the telly and I’m rollin’ her belly
She really got jelly, I had to go thrash it
Said that she petty, I’m in the spaghetti
She gave me some becky, I gave her some action
I may not be petty, but shout out to Fetty
This bitch got the WAP and that shit will be splashin’
Yeah, I got it like that
I hit her once, got her open now she callin’ me back
I got it beat it, throw the ho up
Don’t be callin’ me back
You want some smoke
Go call your mans and put ’em all in a pack, yeah
[Bridge: Drama B]
Look[Verse 2: Drama B]
I went from dreamin’ to bein’ a dream, (That’s crazy)
I went from no team to bein’ a team, (That’s crazy)
Spittin’ dope shit, oh, they know I’m the fiend, (That’s crazy)
Flow is so crazy, they seein’ the streams
Smokin’ on some swishers, [?] up
Just straight relaxin’, feet up
My body like weed, want some [?], no
I’m on a different type of time
All of these hands gon’ reach up
This hand is pointin’ right at you
Gon’ get yourself beat up
Now I’m just passin’, I ain’t gassin
I won’t support that fails of the passion
If it make sense then I’m gonna bag it
Just understand that them niggas won’t tax it
Don’t get on my bad side
Zero to a hundred, that shit can get tragic
I’m a definition of a classic
She want me to rap, I rap it and bag it, ooh
This is how we do it on the East Coast, aye
And if I want it, I’mma own it
I don’t lease, okay?
And if that WAP is tasin’ good then I’mma feast, okay?
She got the [?] in a tent, [?]
I done some shit and I ain’t proud of it
Workin’ hard to balance it
They know I got the monkey bars, I pull up catchin’ calluses
Pull up in some calluses, kickin’ out the kings
Bitch I’m ballin’, Michael Jordan
I ain’t even got a ring (Sheesh!)

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