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Wake Up Notcaelll Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Wake Up Notcaelll Lyrics.

Wake Up Notcaelll Lyrics


[Verse 1: Sunshine Christo]
There’s a fine line between what’s real and fake
I can tell that you’re lying by the look on your face
Staring at me, so odd, I can feel your gaze
Trapped in your lies, you stay locked in the cage
Predator hunts prey at the end of the day
You can run all you want, but it is just fate
She gets fly with me just like an airplane
Doing Ketamine, she’s doing cocaine
Doing all the drugs to mess with my brain
Valentine collabs, ’cause these kids is flames
Emochao told me notcaеlll up next
Doing a song with him, ’cause I beliеve that
[Verse 2: notcaelll]

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