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New World Order Remix Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you New World Order Remix Lyrics.

New World Order Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sunshine Christo]
Working my wrist, creating the magic potion
Blood runs down my skin, running down like lotion
NWO like I’m Hulk Hogan
Niggas down bad listening to Joe Rogan
I don’t care about my education
Working all the time, I don’t take vacations
Don’t make me wait, ’cause I ain’t patient
LODM$ where I’m stationed
Gøth on the tracks and on my playlists
No honor among thieves, it’s mine for the taking
Musashi Miyamoto, dual wielding the Glocks
Ask so many questions, why you talking like a cop?
What’s wrong with you, I assume a lot
What was your name, I’m sorry I forgot
Fan sent me a knife through the mailbox
Listening to this while you play Roblox
Gas prices going up, but my my values not
Walkaliwood swag, VJ Emmie how I talk

[Bridge: VJ Emmie]
Hello, here for revenge, super kick
One Hell of a fighter, warrior
Super tough, super deadly
A Ugandan action packed movie
I’m sad for you and the choices you make
[Verse 2: DntCap2Much]
?[Verse 3: NEURO]
?[Verse 4: Jug301]
Don’t mess with a Goddess

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