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#freebell Lyrics

Hey, yeah
Hey, hey, yeah
Uh uh uh, yeah
Uh, uh, ah
Go, go, go (Love you Summrs)

[Verse 1: Summrs]
We got a lot to see, babygirl, don’t leave me
Me and you, we a team
The two of us pop a bean
Fuck the fame, fuck the bitches
Without you I ain’t shit
We gotta get to the riches
Tryna put you in expensive shit
Behind you I go dumb, behind you I get lit
Ain’t need no handout, this all my shit
Babygirl, what’s the move? Pick out a outfit
Got you wet like a pool
Damn near got my heart stoppin’
You the one that I need
Babygirl, don’t leave me
If you don’t eat, I don’t еat
‘Cause you know you my baby

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