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This Is How We Live Lyrics

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This Is How We Live Lyrics

[Verse: Styles P]
Second time around, Imma let the magic shoot
This time it’s [?] Havic [?]
I’m a general and criminal, y’all fucking salute
I’m in the street, while you sweet like a bag of fruit
[?] timberlands like [?]
Your man looking like he want it, he can have it too
Try to tell these motherfuckers, [?] do [?]
I been smoking [?]
Sort of like the city of gods
We been screaming out we gon’ make it, but I pitty the odds
I’m like knock out [?] wanna pop out lead
[?] even been around [?] Biggie [?]
So I smoke withed with a legend
[?] then the Ghost is your brethren
Blowing smoke in the seven
Or maybe it’s the hoopty
In these pisshole slumbs
Just tryna kick my piece up for [?] drums
You know

[Chorus: Jadakiss & Styles P]
This is how we live
Smoking, drinking, hustling, thinking
This is how we live
Drug spots, projects, jail cells, [?]
This is how we live
Whole block running, they see cop lights blinking
This is whow we live

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