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Tinseltown Lyrics

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Tinseltown Lyrics

He said “no Mom, hold your tears”
You always said I was going to be
Somebody someday
As she wept
He left for Life on Mars

A cheap guitar
In a beat up case
On his way to find first base
In Tinseltown
That’s where he’s going to
He’s gotta make into Tinseltown
He met a Molotov Cocktail girl
She was tall
He fell in love
On Hollywood and VineShe starred in something
Called, “Girl on Sofa”
Oh no…
A little money
Meant alot in those days
I dress to excess now
Who names the Hurricanes
That blow throughTinseltown
Friday at Sunset
In Tinseltown
Alot of people go to TinseltownI am a media guy
I have to know
Exactly what is happening
When it’s happening
I am a media guy
I am a media guy
Someday I will President of Hollywood
Friday at Sunset
See all the people drive to Tinseltown
Live the movie life in Tinseltown
(Let’s Give this town a haircut)Make it safe to shop in Tinseltown
‘Cause I was born to shop

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