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Benny$krilla freestyle Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Benny$krilla freestyle Lyrics.

Benny$krilla freestyle Lyrics

Pipe that shit up, TNT

Oh he cappin, catch him lackin
For how he speakin on my name heavy metal
Nigga steady talkin and I swear this shit’ll get medical
We put that tool up in your mouth and swear it’s goin get denistral[Verse 1]
Bitch you we shooting Glocks
And we dumpin at the opps
And we shootin at the top
Strapped up with the mop
And we walkin round your block
I could never never flop
I could never never flop
From the trenches where I came
Fuck-nigga, you a lame
Money man blow your brain
Tmoney catchin stains
Better stay up in your lane
Cause Imma go dummy all about green
All about the bag
We all about the bag
All we know is tote the straps and load up the mag
All we know is show the work and get the motherfuckin bag
Goin wear you down bad, don’t you put your motherfuckin hand out
Niggas they be fakin and I swear they’ll creep like mouse
Yeah my niggas, we goin creep like mouse
We goin slide up in that shit and shoot him in the fucking mouth
Because he cappin, steady speakin on my name
We don’t give a fuck, yeah, we’ll rob you for some change
Cause you steady cappin, and I swear you ass so lame
You ain’t really from the block, ain’t from the trenches, you ain’t gang
You ain’t never been load upYou ain’t never
You ain’t never seen the jakes and got a body, then you built
Say you out here
You ain’t even got no stain
Catch you lackin, we can bang
Up it, then we let it sang
Bitch blowin out your brain
Swear to God you a lame
Go dummy bout the green
Go dummy bout the green
Swear to God I’m just fucking freestylin’
I be out here getting green like a fuckin salad
Swear to God
You ain’t really out here
Lil Benny
I can tell
I can tell

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