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Pagoda City Freestyle – June 9th Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Pagoda City Freestyle – June 9th Lyrics.

Pagoda City Freestyle – June 9th Lyrics

Fuck your Freestyles I’m done with that
I been organizing my mind to drop the rawest raps
I can’t be caught with cap
I make Magic with the pen like a younger Shaq
I’m so sick you would think I brought Corona back
Y’all couldn’t hold me back
You really think you’d beat the Math Whiz who beat the register to get your cambio back?
A fucking genius who decided raps
I’m tryna Get Big Fast like Jeff Bezos, but with platinum plaques
I’m Reading’s Finest, dawg, I shouldered that
The best with Flows and melodies and you can check that on your genius stats
Meanwhile I’m dreaming bout the day I own the Supersonics
Chop it with Howard Schultz about his coffee grindings
My dream is ultra high and I rhyme in short suppliance
I either keep it new or lean away like I was Zion
I’m old school; I ain’t flexin, I’m just dropping science
I’m integrating vertically I learned what Nip was rhyming
So when my brother got his Masters at Georgetown
I got my Masters, Publishing, and Royalties
So whenever I be spitting out at your town
I got the money to invest in properties
[Refrain (x2)]
Nobody fly as me, I’m on the rise you see
I got the vision hawk-eyed like IUP

So how you beating Soul Papi, baby?
Tell me how you beating Soul Papi, baby?
You’re fucking crazy

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