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TESTY Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you TESTY Lyrics.

TESTY Lyrics

Why you in my face, no u cannot talk to me
All them look alikes acting like they mini mes’
I am not your father boy dont look up to me
This personality comes with a lot of enemies
Can’t match our vibe or play tag like the shit we popping
We move like father figures, cause the cultures filled with orphans
Tryna hop up in our frame, and ride our wave but then they talking
Wait a second, how you hating and still jacking bru just stop it

I can’t stop it, I just drop it
Shit im rockin, you can’t cop it
See you copy, it be sloppy
Feel like asap, way I rocky
Feel like asap, get to mobbing
Make ya lay flat in a coffin
As Im coughing up some bud, and moshing with the crew so oftenAll thеse bitches want my dick
But your boyfriend bе on top 10
I’m known for slaying bitches
I put both pussys in the coffinI ain’t talking to you hoes, bitch skeet get to walking
Drop the baby talk, like you dealing with abortion
Don’t you test me my boy
Don’t upset me my boy
It get messy my boy
Finesse messi my boy
Turn to a horror flick
Friday 13th, Jason
Your bitch, im chasin
Can’t be locked up, akon
Whole gang like masons
Got mask on faces
Don’t do conversations
Running outta patience
Vetements, we stretch our hands
To our mans, give em plans
To take over the whole city
Up the supply, meet demand
Treat the fam to finer things, no diner wings, zirconia rings
Just Kobe beef and vvs
List getting big, still accomplish itAin’t knockin shit/ busy coppin shit
Got your bitch/ we poppin shit
Take two shots/ ain’t stopping it
List out my accomplishmentsWhole year we stayed dropping heat
On repeat, never missed it
Labels line up to meet me
And my crew a bunch of misfitsDon’t you test me my boy
Don’t upset me my boy
It get messy my boy
Finesse messi my boy

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