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DOOM Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you DOOM Lyrics.

DOOM Lyrics

[Verse 1: SLIM]
Heart is filled with hatred for these mothafuckas fakin’
Be careful what ya chasin’ or you’ll end up in a grave
Can’t be saved
Only got one life to live so make em pay
I wake up and turn my brain into a haze
Stayin’ dazed
And I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way
Blown away
By these suckas thinkin’ they can take my name for granted
I can’t understand
It’s like these mothafuckas plan it
I say goodbye to the planet
As I fall into a panic

Been through all this motherfucking shit
Resurrect the puppet to come make an army I’m about to dip off
See you in a little fucking bit
Magick Kult we next up
Fuck all of these bustas
I cannot be saved
My life in shambles
Cock the hammer back
Pull the pin on the grenade
I hold it tight and meet with fate
Living with these thoughts
Inside my head
No escape from macabre
If you walked inside my shoes
Your heart would stop and you would drop
Live one life I live a dozen
Reincarnation that functions
Inside you lives a demon
Let it free and bring destruction

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