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​sleepwater – ​please Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ​sleepwater – ​please Lyrics.

​sleepwater – ​please Lyrics

If you don’t love me (Ooh)
You won’t see this (Ooh)
If you don’t wanna love me (Ooh)
You don’t wanna see this (Woah)
How after all (Woah)
How have I become (Woah)
Who, who-oh-oh, who-oh
Oh, oh, oh

Removing myself from everything (Oh)
Show you the world, ’cause you’re everything (Oh)
‘Cause you’re everything (Oh)

That I need
So, please
Want me
‘Cause you’re everything
I need, woah
I need, woah

[Verse 1]
She made me wanna die, and I don’t know why
I can’t see the light, I got tunnel vision
Reapers getting life, call it double time
I don’t think I’ll be able to stand here
Don’t want my personalities meeting, hey
Drowning thoughts seem to be sinking

Ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh

‘Cause you’re everything (Oh-oh-oh)
‘Cause you’re everything (Oh-oh)
‘Cause you’re everything
I need

[Verse 2]
You gotta bottle it up, you gotta pack that in
I wanna flood the gates, she better celebrate it
So where would be the line?
If I ever wanted to cross it
Never felt right
When I tried

To love you

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