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1100 Lyrics

1100 lyrics

Eleven hundred, warm
Soaked in piss covered sheets
Writhing from the urge to cut their throats while they sleep

Mother, I’m panicking
Don’t send me away
I know I’m not your fucking problem, but I tried to kill myself today

I imagined her face as she found me nude. Dead

The blackened out spaces that were smeared across my childhood have broken me down into revulsion
Abandoned. Tormented. Things I just kept repressеd in the furthest corners of mе brought on convulsions

Fucked in
Pissed out
Killed off

I’m fucked from their neglect
Still I beg for my mother
I feel like a threat to myself and to others

I lied to the doctors when they asked if I want to kill myself or anyone else

At night it gets worse
Nothing is helping
We’re all gonna die
I feel myself ending

Mother, it’s dark down here

I remember pale sunshine
I felt it char my world the day I should have died
And I should have fucking died


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