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TUK TUK Lyrics

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TUK TUK Lyrics

TUK TUK lyrics

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Intro: Ski Mask the Slump God & Juice WRLD
(Ayy, Scheme, you killed it)

Verse: Ski Mask the Slump God
Get lost, baby, in the sauce, maybe
With the shit, with the stick, like lacrosse, baby
Got ? was like the jeans on criss-cross, maybe
Sent the shell shaker, I’m a risk taker
I’m a Jedi with a saber and a clean taper
I pull up, left my balls hangin’, yuh
I don’t twist fingers, not a gang banger
You the type to pull up and just tell a tall fable
I make the whip look like a cow the way it moo
I bet you get that bag and don’t know what to do
I said I’m feelin’ like Nutella ’cause I’m smooth
I said I’m feeling like I’m stellar, I got the groove
I can chop, sushi shop a goddamn enemy
Take one good look at me, tell a different entity
Drop the top up on it, feelin’ like a Kennedy
Threw some rocks up on that, Thanos what they callin’ me (Thanos what they callin’ me)
Yuh, okay, that’s because it’s true
Different dimension, I be on some shit
Soul ascension, yabba dabba doo
Forgot to mention, I be with the crew that chase the monsters and shit, yuh
What you wanna do? Fucked up on the moon
I’ve been on a mission gettin’ to them pantaloons
With the Krusty Krew, secret formulas, check the thermometer, yuh
Okay, hot, they piss me off, I’m in this bitch like bomboclaat
Chasin’ them with that red dot just like a ?
Still know some niggas servin’ jail like Dippin’ Dots
I had to pull up to Thailand to get the ?
I’m in a tuk tuk ? make it stop (Okay)
Not for a lot, Megamind I had to plot
Pocket knots, wrist water like a croc’, yuh (Like a croc’, yuh)

Open Verse

Ski Mask the Slump God – TUK TUK

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