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Tell Her That I’m Sorry Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Tell Her That I’m Sorry Lyrics.

Tell Her That I’m Sorry Lyrics

Tell me how deep it really goes
Tell me what brought your heart too close
You tried so hard to be around
N’ I didn’t give a damn

Maybe you were too good for me
Baby, how bad it had to be
Reaching out your hand for me
While I drew mine awayTell her that I’m sorry!
I never meant to break her heart
It is the same old story
It was all damned right from the start
Should I just go and all will turn out good?
Tell her that I’m sorry!
I’m really, really sorry
Help me, I cannot take my fate
Help me, I hope it’s not too late
I realise that you need to step back and just unwind
And maybe it is best for you if you leave me behind

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