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Snakes in the Yard* Lyrics

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Snakes in the Yard* Lyrics

Snakes in the Yard* lyrics

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Yeah, uh (Eric-Eric—)

I-I might be a man but I move like a Wraith (Turn up)
? when I use a rosé
I got bumped on the head how I haven’t go crazy
Bitch, I bought it two times, so don’t try to entertain me
But when you in this street you don’t even need to save me
And when you make this kind of bag, you don’t even need savin’
No snakes in the yard, I won’t cut it, I’ll save you
It’s a long time sell, you would think that I had laced you (Turn up)
Go and bite, no company, nobody (Yeah)
Maserati, tired of my pickup, I’m swearin’ by it
I will swamp ’round, movin’ this shit back to the lobby (Booth)
Turn the corner storin’ the bed full of bad company
Right before I comе through I just gotta confirm the vibes
Yeah, I’m rollin’ this blunt, shе rollin’ with one ?
She’ll bite, in a cool blue suit, I’m like Sly
I could show you shit that was never supposed to mean

Sewerperson – Snakes in the Yard*

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