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Dark Elf Guide Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Dark Elf Guide Lyrics.

Dark Elf Guide Lyrics

Take a hit of the blunt, now I’m smacked as fuck
Young Seri, yeah, you know I got to get to–
I knew it

Take a hit of the blunt, now I’m smacked as fuck
Young Seri, yeah, you know I got to get to the bucks
Swag automatic soon as a nigga touch the boof
When I touch in the boof, yeah, you know I spit flame
Spit flame, yeah, it’s burning through your eardrums
Smoking good gas, like fuck it, I’ma roll one
Mastered the swag, now a young nigga up one
It’s black history month, so you know I had to drop some
Lil Seri gon’ go get the shit done
And I rolled a fat blunt, so you know I had fun
Niggas talk hella shit, but they ain’t gon’ do none
I keep getting money, I stack my funds
Too much talk, they not really beefing
Smoking your pack, all my bros chiefing
Tote my stick, I’ma play defense
You want a beat, you might as well lease it
Let’s go, let’s go, pay for the swag and I might just teach it
Sun came down, I got up
I hang with bosses, I don’t like leeches
I need guap, I don’t care about trishes
Huh, whoops, got to the bag
Smoking on F-150, but I don’t got jet lag
Golden honey wood what I roll in
Play this song, it sound like I’m trolling
Walk with the glizzy on me, I bet toting
Keep it on the low, I don’t be boasting
I beat up the beat, it sound like I’m floating
Young Seriyouse, I am the token
I say what I want, I’m not misspoken
They hating, I’m already knowing
I just want to make art, I just want to get paid for my art
Somebody need to drop ten bands on my art, Witchkast hit like a dart
They gon’ want to be dark elves, but just saying, know they not me
My influence so high key, swag so hard, I make them see
Lil Seri in the cut, sipping iced tea
Swag so tough, now they want to be like me
You want the swag, it’s a little pricey
Young Seriyouse, high and mighty
Copy me, boy you so trifling
Dark elf swag, I’m not self righteous
Dark elf guild, you know that we casting
Posted up with daggers, you know that’s ELFACTION

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