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Utah Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Utah Lyrics.

Utah Lyrics

This gun on me go bam
His bitch on me go sleep
Forgiatos on it like damn

Gun in the glove compartment and under the seat
Gun on me its under I squeezeMy runner ?
Ima go where I wanna goHe gon hate I won’t conversate
I up stick he gon hibernate
But ain’t gotta worry i cover my license plate
We get em ready like slices yall really snitches y’all mices
You can’t get a sip of my tris
You can’t get a hit of my blunt
Gun on me ? like a side kick
I’m hitting his car watch it side flip
I hit his car it’s flipping sidewaysDrop in the bank like give me it bitch
I don’t care have it my way
I’ll hit a play and I’m making a flip
Gun on me you know it’s equipped
Hit his hoe you know that he sick201 ima dip that chip
Write that shit ima flip the script
Take a sip after sipRoll him like a sip after zipPop him like a zit after zit
Take a risk after riskChoppa gon sprain my wrist
That bitch gon take my pic
Bullet go through his shit
And I pour my drank overflow and shit
We get the boy gone like a bow
?Change my hoes like my flows my clothes
I won’t let it fly that shit won’t go
They won’t let his pack fly that shit won’t go
What i want and they’ll never know
I won’t let it go i got the recipeLike xd pour the drank in my Pepsi
In my bag like hefty
Hit a punch like right and leftPut you on ima go in depth
Sipping on drank like my throat was strep
Take that boy off his feet get sweeped
My nigga in florida he get jwett
Talk to his bitch and she get wet
Fall for it he get set up
Got the white girl cinderellaPercs got me spinning like helicopter propeller’s
Punching ima buyer and seller
Da on me like cellular kilos selllingPunching up my knuckles swelling
Hit your bitch her pussy swelling
Smoke that boy like cookies smelling
Got that bitch she screaming and yellingYeah that boy boy rat snitching telling
Hell nah I can’t go out like that
Flip throat pack like afron zackIn the kitchen got a chef on hat
See a opp ima step on that
See a cop ima run away
Up this bitch he doing jumping jacksPut that cutta to his head like I’m giving him a fade
Three on him how he dawayne wadeCheck drop and I’m getting paidBitch give the drop and she getting slayed
I face that boy with the chop he getting k’edI’m smoking this up I’m getting k’ed
That boy on my dick he giving gay
It’s too late now you shouldn’t of playedThis gun to you what you gonna say
Haunt you just like hathawayGet the work and I have to weigh
Roll up on him like a trayLike abcs he get hit with the k
Uav I’m taking off
Get the brick and I break it off
Hit that boy you can shake it off
Got his bitch I’m like take it offDominos I’ll make em fall
I’m bussing this brick it look like the wall
My nigga off percsHe look like chris Paul
Pull up 30 deep like we in a u haul
Packs came in got this shit from utah

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