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Taking Off Lyrics

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Taking Off Lyrics

I got yo bitch and she calling me dad
Your going out sad
I look at that boy like who is he

You my son and I’m you dad
Your better run I got strapTek got a mac on his lap
Hahaha she calling me daddy but I’m not her papaUh yeah dropping a bomb like osama
Spot a opp like a fortnite llama
I ain’t fucking with none of her drama
Bitch I wake up getting the commasFn 57 stop him and drop him
She drop everything and slop me
Everything I do they copy
Play with sticks like I’m not new to hockey
Get scammed then you get the blockyScams kinda tricky
Ak got ears like Mickey
Im sipping on lean it’s sticky
I roll up a wood it’s sticky
Im changing the hoes I’m pickyHe try to pose go pick em
Just likе a pack go flip em
If it’s bout the racks i’m skipping
Think that bitch on acid becausе she tripping
That boy better hope i don’t catch him slipping
I got his hoe and she in the kitchenGloves cover prints drugs in the vents
Let me know I’m advance
Switch on the Glock it’s trans
What she snorted like disco ball gon make you danceCome get mans turn him to some bandsI got me some plans that boy can’t stop me that bitch stay stalking me
But that boy stay copying me
I shoot this bitch I ain’t dropping the heat
She suck my dick got her eating the meat
Try to win against me and you getting defeatedLike ctrl alt you getting delete
Fire adlib 2x
Im taking off I’m going somewhere
I got glocky do not come hereI got a glocky with the drum ear
I got a glocky with the ear drum
Talking down nigga your so dumbI keep hitting your bitch until she cum
Im thumbing til my hands cramp up
Im getting until can’t stand up
Run that boy down he gon get ran up on
And the drank i pour a up on the ice
She rolling the dice she rolling like dice you know that she fist 556 hit him he die Glock on me this a gen 5 amg turbo engine dump remember last 4 fuck this hoe then go back to my last whore
? GlassportWhoreI told the bitch to get out of my door ha

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