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Jaquan Lennon Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Jaquan Lennon Lyrics.

Jaquan Lennon Lyrics


As the cherry burn out of my last roach
I dumb it down, was overhead with the last quote
I got a son now, so I’m practicing dad jokes
My price range amount most niggas will stab for
Tryna be the top dog
He caught one to the stomach, it look like his abs gone
A real motion picture, no milestones
I’m Tryna be the best
Fly shit from the wing to the bottom of the net
And you get no love
Fucking up like wine spills on pro clubs
You get an E for Effort but not good enough (taste like butter)
‘Cause when you born with the gift, and raised in thе mud
The left eyе can always spot a scrub
Hard to impress, smile on my face like I’m hardly upset(like I’m hardly upset)
Smallest pup in the yard, biggest heart in my chest
Fortify rings [?}
My attitude match the altitude I live in
See the best dreams sleeping on fine linen
The black beetle; {?}
Listen to Lil’ Wayne so the clouds is what I swim in
With a black, Air Force filling in my gut
One step at a time ’till we left ’em in the dust
Only man to survive after lightning was struck
Rabbit, foot in my pocket with the best luck
I’m next up
Outro :(I thought I told you motherfuckers, I’m way too smooth when it come to this shit, I’m talking ’bout, when you hear this shit it sound like socks out the dryer, yknow that feeling, when you put a fresh pair of socks on?)

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