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ScHoolboy Q – Nunu Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ScHoolboy Q – Nunu Lyrics.

ScHoolboy Q – Nunu Lyrics

La, la-la, la-la, la-la
La-la, la-la, la-la

Dropped out of school, balled all year
Keep sayin’ shit I’m never gonna hear
Especially when the big homie outside
One plus one, you’ll never have none
I done felt loss, and God is all thank
Blood, sweat, and tears, it came with all that
Deep thoughts, had to say it ain’t so
Knew it from the jump that I’m good, bro

On God, you’ll hear my new shit
On God, you’ll hear my new shit, yeah
On God, you’ll hear my new shit

Dope boy pullin’ up in that new shit
Look at me, no, look at her, she lucid
Better touch down and focus
[?], new shit
All money fast, cash money, hoe
Ran through the dash, he’s at the door
Cash on the ground, ass to the floor
You never did believe in the hits
You never did believe I was it
You never did believe it was lit
They prayed you didn’t believe I exist
You never did believe in the risks
You niggas make believe, clownin’, huh
You niggas get your pussy tightened up
Now we had to go and run it up
Now I’m [?]
I took a chance and really won
I took the chance at the girl
I had the label goin’ dumb
That’s my new shit, uh, yeah
That new shit, hey

One for your ho, one for the guys
One for your girl, go get her ass
New shit, [?], new bitch
[?], new bitch (Yeah, yeah)
[?], new shit
[?], new bitch
[?], get some new friends
Blue shit, blue shit
Blue shit, blue shit

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