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ScHoolboy Q (Ft. AzChike) – Movie Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ScHoolboy Q (Ft. AzChike) – Movie Lyrics.

ScHoolboy Q (Ft. AzChike) – Movie Lyrics

[Intro: ScHoolboy Q]
Uh-huh (Yeah)
Yeah (Yeah)
Then today, I find out you fools are paying two-seventy for a blunt
(Uh, God, ugh, I hate you)
(Fuckin’ crackhead)
I got hoes, I got bricks
(Gang, fuck your face, girl, face, steez, bitch)
I got girls, I got licks
I got get back on a bitch
But that’s if one thing you don’t forget
Bitch, I got—
(Never come around, ask Miss America)

[Verse 1: Az Chike]
Look bitch, put me in the film
You know these n***** all caps like brims
All this water, I could show you how to swim
Let this bitch touch on my third limb
Yeah, nah fam, you ain’t folk, you ain’t kin
You ain’t the nigga I’ma look to to win
Bitch, I was broke and I was down, gettin’ it in
But now I’m up and outta town on your friends
But now I’m up and and outta bounds in a Benz
With a five-star bitch, a real ten
We gon’ plot, we gon’ slide on his mans
Rub the wrong way, we gon’ chop off your hands, bitch
Let me put you in thе movie (Put you in the movie)
Niggas gеttin’ smoked like a loosie
Fox 5, Channel 9, make the newsie
And my bad that she chose to be choosy
Look, I got bitches, I got opps
They got setups, I got drops
I got four packs [?] pop
I got two steps ahead, I think not
I got diamonds, I got thugs
I got a thick bitch dancin’ in the club
Got the wrong idea, blow his bulb
When we clipse with his bitch in the tub, uh

[Outro: ScHoolboy Q & Az Chike, Az Chike]
Put me in the movie
I was a badass kid, like Bruce Lee
Put me in the coupedy
Bitch, you know I came from [?]
I got hoes, I got bricks
I got the guns, I got licks
I got get back on a bitch
‘Cause if itls one thing you don’t forget
Bitch, I got hoes

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