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ScHoolboy Q – Cooties Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you ScHoolboy Q – Cooties Lyrics.

ScHoolboy Q – Cooties Lyrics

Oh, hell, hell, yeah
And it’s a new celebration of this Groovy, better livin’ (Better livin’)
Lifestyles (Lifestyles)
Oh this-, oh yeah yeah, baby

Oh, the cooties (It’s the Groovy, oh, no)
They comin’ to get me, runnin’ (Runnin’)
Touched by the unloyal
Trust, I’ve had this shower for years (Suu), livin’ in fear
I know the feelin’ of bein’ trapped from all the things that you build
Pages I filled, eternal, my skills (Yeah)
From start to fin’ I can, better my wheels
Like, literally, my daughters is chill
Likе, I can’t believe my housе on the hill (Suu)
Like, I can’t believe that mountain is real (Su-su-su)
Accountant is thrilled
The scars on the back of me healed
Why God blessed me? I never deserved it (Nah)
Followed my purpose
They put the blinds down, I opened the curtains
Shine on me, perfect
Lottery purchase
Nigga, I can vacay here
My big-ass kitchen, a runway here
My kid’s playin’ soccer, ain’t shittin’ away
Ready, set, go, ain’t losin’ a race (Nope)
My house smell like ganja
Fuck yo’ kids, I’m dealin’ with problems
Finishin’ albums, freakin’ and stylin’
Teachin’ and smilin’
Learnin’ and counting’, bleed (Uh)
Mass shootings, when will they stop it? Hmm
‘Nother kid go for unlimited profits
Rather keep my kid home, before you fuck up the process
I’d rather die and lose it all, before they don’t get the knowledge
I’d rather die and lose it all, before I turn on my partners
It’s easy like Compton
Unlimited options, schemin’ and plottin’
I really do magic
Boy, you only get your [?] habits
That a hazard, look at him crashin’
Ball like a maverick
Now why was you hatin’?
Bitch-ass, hoe-ass (Suu)
Trick-ass, trick-ass hoe, oh
Jealous ass, Indio
Broke that fuck-ass
I’m fully embedded
Still building up leverage
I’m known in Wisconsin and really from Hoover (Suu)
My Figgs do it better (Suu)
The best of my era
That’s me in the mirrors (Mirrors)
Haha, yeah

On my life I want the front page (Page)
Ninety-nine bitches in the driveway
These chum gettin’ served by the day (Shake, shake)
Everything got [?] right in place
Ninety-nine bitches in the driveway
(Shake, shake)
Gettin’ served by the day
Ninety-nine bitches in the driveway

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