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Nothing Grows Lyrics

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Nothing Grows Lyrics

Nothing Grows lyrics

Scratches on the pavement
And the forest and they all turn into dust
Walking by the sidewalk
And the houses and the cars are full of rust

The places that I’ve been to on the outskirts of the town I used to know
And now I’m back here praying by the secrets and the woods I used to go

I’m not screaming, for the first time
I’m not bleeding, like the last time
I’m not deceiving, I swear to God I’m trying
With all these blood stains, you’ll never catch me lying

So welcome home…
Where there used to be life here, nothing grows
Where there used to be life here, nothing grows

So I stared at the wall
And the wall stared back at me
And as we both stood blank and lifeless
I soon began to see
These bricks that make a house
Aren’t the bricks that make a home
And what was once an Eden
Is a place where nothing grows

School Drugs – Nothing Grows

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