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Izinja(Dhoggz) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Izinja(Dhoggz) Lyrics.

Izinja(Dhoggz) Lyrics

You go run for your life dhogg
Usukela izinja, cabana ukuthi siyokhonkhotha? (you Provoking the dhoggs thinking they’ll bark at you?)

Verse 1
As I lift off with the spliff on nyukkas bow to the skinny king Kong
It’s my city don’t get pissed off mahn your diss songs kinda desperate
Plus your shits soft and your flows off going against me? Nyukkas get shocked
With that lightning like you fighting with M.Bison in a face-off
Did this shit without a day job while nyukkas bragging bout a paycheck
I see these nyukkas wanna play chess with the metaphors… I’m on 8 steps
Nyukkas smell like milk teeth on the mic mahn we ain’t playing here
And if they tripping doing all the lippin’ imo keep on clipping till they disappearHook:
You go run for your life dhogg, uSukela izinja, cabana ukuthi sizokhonkhotha (X2)
You go run for your life dhogg (X4)
And imo prey on your life dhoggVersе 2:
No-no don’t thank me, it’s just how it is
I’m not cut from a different cloth coz I’m thе scissors that snips
Got emcees tuxed up, finna serve me hoping for tips
Coz it ain’t niknaks and other snacks when a nyukka raising these chips
You’d think the dice is rigged how I always roll a 6
Im nice with this, got Leeches starring at me with eyes looking squint
Tryna group each other like Charlie’s angels to block a kid
From the blessings he receives like Bushiri from these chicks, huh?
Nyukka it’s Riz getting cribs on cribs
Bag of Bones show rappers got created from my ribs
You can’t challenge a master with the aid of a script
And a dictionary on your lap to help you define your wit, it’s nondescript
So going against them is dumber than Cyril raising the tax while dealing with low levels of employmentship
An oxymoron that morons relate with, while they hop on a wagon full of lames still on the same shiit
You go run for your life dhogg, uSukela izinja, cabana ukuthi sizokhonkhotha (X2)
You go run for your life dhogg (X4)End:
No matter how many lions you get lit with you’re no match for my heat…
Look at these nyukkas mahn…
You must be the new guy thinking Rizzy’s content is determined by the beat
Don’t think we can body you nge vernac ngoba si rhyma ngesi ngisi
Lana ikati lidliwa ngathi litholwe Kuruman mfanakithi
Whether freestyle or script angeke uyenze nix
You stand a better chance yokung’hlasela nama 26
Entlek futsek ngala bomrapper bonke ang’bazwisisi
Especially laba a bathi ba dope noma I flow yabo I off-beat
Baba, I’m to legit, too ill ill make you sick
Tryna diss? You get kissed by death so watch your lips
Man yall talk a lot of shit, wear your adult diapers kid
I’ll make you wish your very own existence didn’t exist
Don’t try too hard to compete, just get off a nyukka dick
I’m so far ahead I’m just looking way past your shit
Uff your attitude you know I’ll easily surpass your shit
Stick to the mic coz yall ain’t active on some passive shit

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