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Sickness Lyrics

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Sickness Lyrics

I’ll push you away

Is anytime I’m talking hurts
You’re clearing my depression
You’re giving me a sense of worthRemember you helped me out the mud
Then shoved me in the dirt
It feels like I’m the only person on pain on this Earth
You were my world
And I watch it fall apart
Now I’m in space
Drifting around the Stars
You put the blade down and closed up all my scars
That one big scarIs above my heart
If I had to take my life to be with you
I would gladly give it
Depression is an affection
And you’re curing the sicknessYou said I’m tripping honestly I don’t get it
It was 7 months but it felt like a minute
I’m clingy and annoyingThat’s only because I care
If you ever need me girl you know I’ll be there
Most times I’m staring at a barrel
It’s too much to bear
I’m afraid to let you go
I’ll admit it I’m f****** scared
I hate being sober cuz I can feel the pain
So it’s tell myself to numb it and grab the f****** blade
Watching blood run down my wrist like it’s raining
I don’t want to leave
The baby you know I can’t stayMy love was never enough for you
When I’m dead I hope you found someone new
I hope you don’t forget who you are
Will I still be in your heart
I know through definitely ain’t never apart
When I was alive on this Earth
I was a pain and it hurt
I was slitting my wrist I was thinking about her
The happiest times I ever however you and me
I want to hug you then I fall asleep
I can see you in every one of my dream
I don’t want to wake up
Cuz I want to stay with you in my dream

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