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Till Im Deader Lyrics

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Till Im Deader Lyrics

Yeah, ’til I’m dead

‘Til I’m dead, I’ma be the same way
Get up, talk my shit every day
You ain’t jackin’ me, then fuck out the way
Turn this bitch into child’s play
Bitch, I work twenty-eight hours a day
Check in with Neph’, I’m doin’ the same
You ain’t make no money, that’s yo’ fault
Yo’ bills ain’t paid, that’s yo’ fault
Get caught with the glick, that’s my fault
When I rock up my hand, I’m hot sauce
Nigga talk too much, get knocked off
Fuck with these niggas, the cops get called
‘Til I’m dead, say what I want out my jaw
Steppin’ ass bitch, draggin’ my balls
They say they love you, lookin’ for flaws
Get on your bean, don’t get off your grind
Look at my face, nigga, don’t lie
Side bitch sell pussy on the side
Had to cut her off, get on my grind
My bitch is like two, two-point-five dimes
Shoulda, coulda, woulda did it every time
[?] on Tuesday on his grind
[?] won’t let me slip on my grind
I don’t rap the word, wrap it back up
I am not just rappin’ when I’m talkin’
Talk how I talk when I speak that shit
I talk facts, baby, when I’m talkin’
Thirty days, thirty night, I take thirty-five hundred to the auction
Dirty D, dirty nigga with a Glock
Dirty pistol, tryna get on one
So many times said lies, told lies, to my face, they wanna lie
Fifty nigs, twenty dubs, fifty dimes, hundred dimes, ninety dimes
Side window, kitchen window, front window, side window, in the back
In a row, front door, servin’ Auntie in a row, Bernie Mack
Been ballin’ consecutively, [?] back to back, still balling
Still on it, got a Glick, then my brother’s right there, like Jonas
[?] Tony, [?]
Step in that bitch, speak my word
Line the liquor up, bitch, stop laughing
I need a lick, bitch, stop laughing
Shit might be funny, but I’m not laughing
Look at my bitch, like, “why is you laughing?”
I need a lick, I am not laughing
Thirty-five hundred, spent it last week
Bitch, I rap just so we can eat
If you sold pussy, I’d still love you
If you stripped in a club, I’d still love you
My flight to get here cost four fifty
My momma rent cost nine fifty
My Cash App say I sent my momma somethin’
Cash App say I sent my daughter somethin’
I did not send my baby momma nothin’
Grandma like, “grandson, when you comin’?”
800 songs, I ain’t did it for nothin’
I’ma die in this shit, girl, not for nothin’
Drink this Henny, baby, ’cause I need it
Get back to work, baby, ’cause I need it
Not keepin’ my chains, baby, I need it
Where the B-man at? ‘Cause I need him
It’s the same reason they killed Jesus
People startin’ to think that you need ’em
My true colors [?]
Might get an S curl, like Easy
Cursed my momma out last week
Almost called her a funky bitch
Momma get paid to watch my kids
If she don’t get paid, momma might quit
My daughters know I never had a job
First thing I bought out of jail was a Glock
One day, I worked the job
Bought white ones, walked off the job
Momma like, “why you quit your job?”
My whole life seein’ momma with one job
My Auntie know I got seven jobs
Entrepreneur, rappin’ and sellin’ shit
Hang up on the label like, “suck dick”
Nigga, this the best album in the world
Brainstorm produced the whole album
They ain’t think he can do the whole album
Other producer, what? They wilin’
Picture that, that’s like Neph’ with a [?]
I told Brainstorm, hold up, you wilin’
They’ll think you made beats in college
Slide through the A on my nigga Chad
He damn near put the whole rock on his back
He like Neph’, “where you at, slidin’ through the A?
Big-ass mansion for you to stay”

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