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RXKNephew – Slitherman Vs Nephew Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you RXKNephew – Slitherman Vs Nephew Lyrics.

RXKNephew – Slitherman Vs Nephew Lyrics

Walk down and grab you
Climb through yo’ window, break in and stab you
Slitherman control yo’ body
Make you eat more Molly
Slitherman fuck the community up
For Christmas time, I’m buying switches
Take yo’ liver and sell yo’ liver
I hate when Slitherman take over my thoughts
Look at this machete I just bought
6 people in the house, they all dyin’
I put gasoline in their air fryer
7 grams of Molly in the Henny
And offer that shit to everybody
Lace a blunt, pass it to everybody
I’m Jim Jones not John Gotti
Dunk the Backwood in embalming fluid
Convince a bitch to do a triple stack
Roll up a Backwood and mix it with crack
Destroy yo’ whole family with crack
Put gasoline all over yo’ driver seat
Soon as you light yo’ blunt, ka-boom!
This machete I got is new
Stab you in yo’ fuckin’ pressure point
Twist yo’ neck until it snap
Fuck Halloween, I’ll kill in September
Fuck Friday the 13th, I’ll kill on the 1st
Fuck the 31st, I’ll kill on the 3rd
I’ll kill Tuesday at 3 o’clock
I’ll kill a bitch at Sunday service
Slitherman produced this beat
I put fish hooks through yo’ eyelids
And pour bleach all down yo’ throat
And tattoo “I hate myself” on yo’ head
Knock yo’ grandad out a wheelchair
Slap the fuck out yo’ grandma
Stab all your lil’ cousins
I’ll break in yo’ house with no hands
Put cuts all over your body with a razor
And spray yo’ ass with ammonia
Oh, you thirsty? I got a concoction!
I wanna see you cough up blood
I wanna see yo’ family cry over yo’ body
And get sturdy on that bitch grave
I pull up like I know what you did last summer
Freddy Kruger was a rapist, I hate him
Fuck Candyman, you ain’t gotta say my name
Fuck Jeepers Creepers, that nigga ugly
Fuck Exorcist, that shit stupid
My whole life is a horror movie
I fucked my bitch to a horror movie
I killed so many people, they gon’ make more movies
The wrong turn stole my swag

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