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Rundown Spaz – First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2 Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rundown Spaz – First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2 Lyrics.

Rundown Spaz – First Day Out (Freestyle) Pt. 2 Lyrics

[Intro: Rundown Spaz & Kanye West]
Loady G (Spaz)
Fuck the peace, nigga
Only the E’s (Yeah, yeah)
Ayy, we ride when we sleep, for sure
Let’s go
Ain’t no more, “Free Spaz,” nigga (Go)
Ayy (Go), the real Spaz, nigga (Go)
Loady G, Loady G
Let’s go (Go), let’s go (Go)

[Verse 1: Rundown Spaz]
Big ass Glock and it came with a switch (Switch)
Nigga dissin’ on Mac get left in a ditch (Get left in a ditch)
7.62 that’ll go through the bricks
But, I’m bustin’ the Glock when I go on a hit
I’m smokin’ on Ace, gettin’ tired of this nigga
Tell his big brother, “Come slide for this nigga”
Bitch, I’m tryna sin, and this shit here on Christian
You fuck with the opps, you can die with them niggas

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
America, kiss my balls
Pause, fuck all of y’all
Hold up, hold up, you know it’s Kanyeezy
I’m done bein’ preachy, I’m a diffеrent species
It’s Yeezy (Yеah)
Tell the Devil, “Get beneath me”
All I did was tell the truth and nobody believe me
On a boat, gettin’ head out in Italy
My wife’s titties is DDs
They gon’ put my dick on the cover of Us Weekly
Make sure you show my ass-crack
Ridin’ ’round Chicago, GNC, black on black
Yeezy season, black on black
Yeezy out the box like a Crackerjack
Mister Ego Maniac, them people tryna play me back
Can’t say I ain’t changed rap, real nigga, artifact
I mix the art with rap, I mix gospel with trap
I fuckin’ Thanos snap
Your career, I made that
Yo, where the fuck is ****?
You know exactly where I’m at
All rappers can suck my ball-sack
Bitch, I’m back like a bra strap
Command C, you ball, cap
Still in here, government ain’t playin’ fair
They ain’t wanted Ye in here
We got the White House surrounded niggas everywhere
Next year, I pull up to the fuckin’ Met Gala in my underwear, I don’t care
Used to be a billionaire, that’s a thousand millionaires
Bank locked up all my money, I don’t care
You can’t stop a fuckin’ God
Ye 2024, came in the game, broke down the doors
Broke all the locks, fuck what you thought
Fuck what I want, foot on the Devil’s neck for the Lord
I’m done tap dancin’ on tour
No more interviews with the Forbes
Y’all can’t even keep score
I pissed on my GRAMMY awards ’cause I don’t need an award
Yeah, I don’t need your applause
Yeah, I told you I was a God
‘Luminati took my ma’, ‘Luminati took my wife
Made me wanna take my life
Bitch, I threw away my ice, and, you know I’ll pay that
They want Ye (They want Ye)
Whole world on my dick singin’, “Kumbaye” (Kumbaye)
Adidas fell off ’cause they ain’t got Ye (They ain’t got Ye)
Try to cancel me, but you can’t cancel Ye (Can’t cancel Ye)
If there was no Jay, there would be no Ye
You know I’m spazzin’
Why you got so much cap in yo’ captions?
Even Elon know that I be gassin’

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