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Workhorse Lyrics

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Workhorse Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Wake up, made it another morning
Pour the coffee, you want a little more?
Don’t you want a little more?
I want a little more

[Verse 2]
When we bought this land
The fields were fertile, and
We’re just waiting
For the gatekeep to let us in
Like I wanted, like you wanted
You said “It’s not about the money”
You said “It’s not about the money”
But I’ll bet money[Chorus]
Don’t make me your workhorse, it’s hot out in the sun
This yoke’s getting heavy, am I the only one?
The furrows are deep and my shoulders are getting strong
But when I come home, I see everyone has gone, gone[Verse 3]
Now look at all we’ve made
We made it for ourselves
And, oh, what a waste
In the rotting rosebud[Bridge]
I can’t imagine
Someone doing something like that
I can’t imagine
Someone cut it down to rot, to rot[Chorus]
So, make me your workhorse, we’re all out in the sun
This yoke’s getting heavy, but I’m not the only one
Burned all the weeds and pulled them by the ton
Are you having fun? Are you having fun?

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