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Rod Wave (Ft. LOVRemy) – Boyz Don't Cry (Remix) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rod Wave (Ft. LOVRemy) – Boyz Don't Cry (Remix) Lyrics.

Rod Wave (Ft. LOVRemy) – Boyz Don't Cry (Remix) Lyrics

[Intro: Rod Wave]
Oh-woah, oh-woah

[Verse: Rod Wave]
Tour bus slidin’ in the rain, headed out of state
So much goin’ through my brain, I can barely think
Sometimes I get on my own and wander outer space
I love you, but I’m full of rage, our past is full of pain
On a planet of my own, livin’ like an alien
Think it’s safe to say that I’ll never be the same again
Never’ll fall in love again, my heart is on a shelf
My music’s full of pain, but I keep my problems to myself
And I keep my mouth closed ’cause my thoughts sometimes can get too deep
My heart cold, my eyes closed, but I never go to sleep
I been all alone goin’ on two weeks me, mysеlf, and my sheets
Wanna call your phone so we can speak, but it makе me feel weak
Get on the internet and see the world laugh ’bout my depression
They paintin’ perfect pictures, but I ain’t buyin’ what they sellin’
Collect calls from the county always could make me smile
Damn, brother, you was just on the skreets, and now you goin’ to trial
Yeah, momma, I made it out the skreets, I hope you finally proud
Youngin’ jump out with that K, in broad day, shootin’ at the crowd
Now he gettin’ on top the stage, and they sing his music loud, sing his music out loud

[Chorus: Rod Wave]
Take away my name, take away my throne
Take away my fame, let me keep my soul
Smilin’ on the outside, inside dyin’
Listenin’ to a grown man cryin’
Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah

[Verse: LOVRemy]

I only got so much to give, thats how it go
They say stand up be a man, what you crying for?
I ain’t had that deep smile, since i been a child
That trauma start to pile, its really been awhile
Brodie called me, he told me that they thinking I’m a stain
I just hope they don’t find out that I ain’t playin’
I been through alot but i been pushing through my pain
I been grinding for so long, but I ain’t got a inch of fame
Situations in my mind have me crying in my soul
Im the realest one you know, even though im looking cold
Im going through alot, if you ever wanna know
And i wear it on my face, so im unapproachable
Im tryna buy my girl a mansion, tryna buy my mom a house
Tryna buy the things I want, im tired of sleeping on the couch
Everytime i get some type of traction, things be going south
Bible me not to grumble, so im tryna close my mouth
Only time i get the love i want is when I got some traction
But the people who the riches be the one that be the saddest
I know im always venting, but its always something wrong
They dont understand my hurt, thats why i put it in a song

[Chorus: Rod Wave & LOVRemy]

Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah
Oh-woah, oh-woah

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