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See You Around Lyrics

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See You Around Lyrics

Home here in Babylon
In my strange den of dreams
I can make out a song
I somehow sing along
To the howl of an empire
Cicadas cackling in a fire
I am marrow
She is bone
Us apart
Are alone
I’ll see you around

Hell followed with me
The whole way down
I asked the devil’s number
Said I’d call the next time I’m in town
If I see her around
In the arms of the clown
The court jester’s laughing
But his lips don’t make a soundI’ll see you aroundWell the night is hot
My dreams are caught
Like fingers in the door
Siamеse twins
Playing violins
They keep me wanting morе
Enough just to miss you
Enough to be with youEnough to be with you
Enough to be with youI’ll see you around
I looked up and asked why I exist for you
The universe said it’s not inclined to do
Anything about it
So just see it throughEnough to be with youI’ll see you around

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