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Hate It or Love It Lyrics

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Hate It or Love It Lyrics

[Intro: DaBaby]
Hop out

[Chorus: DaBaby & Rob49]
Yeah, hop out, red eye, smash a nigga (Hop out, vroom)
Guaranteed it’s a nigga in your clique hating on you right now, siting there laughing with you (You, go)
Baby can’t put that mouth on me like right now, I ain’t even have it here (Right now, right here)
2.5 worth of cars in my driveway right now, I paid cash to get it (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga gotta rob, he ain’t have his pistol
Go hard, they gon’ hate it or they love it (Yeah)
I seen my dog switch for some money, he was out here acting like he love me (He was out here acting like he love me)
I never lied to the bros or my mama, I lied to Your Honor (Yeah)
Oh, you too bougie for the gang, fuck that, I’ll buy the pussy from you (Buy the pussy from you)
And no, it ain’t tricking if you got it, bitch (It ain’t no tricking if you got it)
[Verse 1: DaBaby & Rob49]
Fuck that I need that for free (Uh-huh)
Fuck around, had the bricks under me (Yeah)
Did my thing, got awards, BET (BET, yeah, I got ’em)
That’s my ho, yeah, I know she a freak (She a—)
Way I go, get that money, I turn up (Turn up)
When she watch me count money, she turn on (Turn on)
I got some Jays and the gun on (Get down)
She gon’ do her thing when I come on (Yeah)
Oh, she think I love her (
), she tryna break a nigga pockets
I do it if she doing what I tell her (Yeah)
After I fuck her, I’ma leave, I say “P” when they ask me what I’m pushing (When they ask me what I’m pushing)
I throw my chains on and I lie, tell her I’ma come and see her later (Yeah)
And lie and tell her she my baby (Yeah)
Yeah (
), and what she gon’ do, believe it
All my diamonds Fiji, nigga (All my diamonds)
I ain’t saying, “White lives matter”, but I’m still popping out in my Yeezy’s (Yeah, let’s go)
I’m the type to tell a ho to turn on the TV every time the bitch say she wanna see me
And watch a nigga die right there and he bleeding (Yeah)
Got a 40 on me now, nigga playing and I’m squeezing
Yeah (
), I’m they type to put that shit on, get money and put my bitch on, nigga (Get money and put my bitch on)
Uh, I ain’t fucking with no peons, if you ain’t no boss, don’t tell me nothin’ (If you ain’t no boss, don’t tell me nothin’)
Uh, put my trust in these dikes every time betting on that 10 or four (Yeah)
I fuck a lot of hoes (
), but I ain’t gon’ tell no lie, I want Rubi Rose (Yeah, let’s go)

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