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Rob Base – Turn it Out (Go Base) Lyrics

Song Info: Presenting you Rob Base – Turn it Out (Go Base) Lyrics.

Rob Base – Turn it Out (Go Base) Lyrics

[Chorus One: uncredited singer – repeat 2X]
Do-doo-do-doo (Go! Go! Go! Go!)
Do-doo-do-doooh-do (Go! Go! Go Base!)

[Chorus Two: same singer]
Rob Base! Ah-won’t you turn it out
You gotta let the people, scream and shout
Ahh.. Rob Base, dance it out (Go! Go! Go! Go!)
(Go! Go! Go Base!)
You gotta let the people, scream and shout, ahhhh!
(Go! Go! Go! Go!) (Go! Go! Go Base!)

[Verse One: Rob Base]
Let’s take it from the top, keep movin (MOVIN!)
The beat is real swift, it’s groovin
Rob is here, put it in gear, lend your ear
Cause the beat is real funky, dear
Let’s rock’n’roll with soul, I hold the mic of gold
Because Rob is in full control
Maintain to gain the fame I want, I seek
From rhyme for rhyme, on down to beat the beat
Let it play! Dance to it o-kay?
I knock ’em all out like Sugar Ray
Top contender, on the hit list
I like the music fast just like this
Easy to dance to, for the people
The kinda beat that you want to beat to
On the dance floor, you keep movin
Throw it all, let it be proven

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Verse Two: Rob Base]
Don’t stop the music, keep it goin
Cause peace and love and happiness is what I’m showin
I don’t care or fear or shed a tear about things..
.. that I heard by ear
People walk and talk and say things
To put you down, tell me what joy that bring
I make music for the people to dance to..
.. not for one individual
On stage I’m comin up, rhymes I summon up
Takes more than talk for Rob to just give up
I’m blowin hard with the strength of the hurricane
To make you dance is all that I wanna gain
I make hits everytime I write one
Won’t get mad if an MC bite one
Cause I like to rock and party with the people
Rob is considered an equal

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Verse Three: Rob Base]
Let’s rock and roll and shake and break
And give and take the styles I use cause I create
The rhymes I make you ate you fake cause I relate
And I hate to leave a party at eight
Love to dance and party and move and soothe the crowd
Cause Rob is on the mic, how you like me now?
Let’s flex and flirt cause I do work
And go beserk, cause it really won’t hurt
To do shows y’know, with strength to motivate
I hate to wait, now I trust in my own fate
I conduct, construct, they said I made it with luck
So what? I’m makin cash that’s buff!

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Three – variation of Chorus Two]
Rob Base! Ah-won’t you turn it out
You gotta let the people, scream and shout
Ahh.. Rob Base, dance it out (Go! Go! Go! Go!)
(Go! Go! Go Base!)
You gotta let the people know what you all about, ahhhh!
(Go! Go! Go! Go!) (Go! Go! Go Base!)

[Verse Four: Rob Base]
Let’s keep on and, keep it in the mornin
Don’t start yawnin, I gotta keep goin
The rhymes I’m showin, gotta keep flowin
You know y’know when the rhymes I’m throwin
Gotta be hard, you must be a retard
If you think the Base, is gonna fall off like an old star
Fast like lightning, loud like thunder
Mmmmmmm… it makes you just wonder
How I got better, after a short time
I sat back, wrote a bunch of dope rhymes
Said ’em to myself – they went like THIS!
Sure not even one would miss
The mic is mine, I got ’em in line, I’m one of a kind
I designed the rhyme behind the line
The force I push with breaks and beats so fast or slow
You know they grow from pop to rock and roll
From jazz to house to punk to SOUL..
.. anything I touch is gold!

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Chorus One] – 1/2

[Verse Five: Rob Base]
Comin to the end, the max, don’t ask
Where I got the tracks, my rhymes are buildin up in stacks
Dance to it, get to it
Do it, twenty seconds left, get through it
Rock from show to show, I go, rhymes that flow
Keepin it up, with the fast tempo
Gotta keep on, gotta keep on, word is bond
The beats are fly, the rhymes are ON!

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Chorus One] – repeat 3X to fade

This is the end of the Lyrics

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